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been long time web building was my passion. im a prefectionist in works, so i will always learn and try to understand what you need to help improve growth your business with nowadays digital profile. start build your own website is just the answer!

I build with most secure and best CMS (Contain Management System) such as:


..and of course with premium Theme for professional look

i will help you to understand what type of website fit to your need: Company Profile, Online Store, Community, Forum, so on..
i also can re-layout your site, if you have trouble with it just write me.


GOR Delta: www.gordelta.com – Sport

Sadist Records: www.sadistrecords.comLabel

Kusuma Said Records: www.kusumasaidrecords.comLabel (down)

Rudi Gorgingsuicide: www.rudigorgingsuicide.comArtist

BIM: www.bim-indonesia.com – Company (down)

Bahrull Marta: www.bahrullmarta.com – Artist

Pure Wrath: www.purewrath.com – Band

Debemur Morti – Forum: www.debemur-morti.com/forum – Forum

Toshihiro Egawa: www.toshihirowgawaart.com – Artist

Underrated Records: www.underrated-records.comLabel (down)

Deathpressive Records: www.deathpressive.com – Label

Brutal Mind: www.brutal-mind.com – Label

Metal Gear: www.metalgearmusic.com – Label

Insidious Soundlab: www.insidioussoundlab.com – Studio

D Plus Communication: www.dpluscommunication.com – Event Organizer

Proguttural Productions: www.proguttural.com – Label

IDDM Forum: www.iddm-forum.com – Forum

Indonesian Death Metal: www.indonesiandeathmetal.com – Community (under development)

PT. Delta Rekaprima Sakti: www.deltarekaprimasakti.com – Company

Jimco Bekasi: www.jimco-bekasi.com – Company (landing page)

PT. Ardi Putra Teknik: www.ardiputrateknik.com – Company (landing page)

Cadavoracity: www.cadavoracity.com – Band  (down)


Some of my works that still online, the rest site are not allowing me to add them here



Website: grindtech.website

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